The Future of Supply Chain by Dynamo VC
The Future of Supply Chain by Dynamo VC

On each episode of the Future of Supply Chain, we sit down with a different entrepreneur, investor, or industry veteran to discuss innovation, technology, and the most exciting opportunities in supply chain and mobility as we build the future of the industry together.

#31: Maritime Supply Chain and Investing in Ocean Shipping with Henry Palmer of AMPLIFIER Lab

Santosh interviews Henry Palmer, venture capital investor and Principal at AMPLIFIER Lab in Berlin, in the latest episode of the Future of Supply Chain podcast. They discuss the supply chain industry as it relates to maritime, making investments in ocean shipping, and discussed market size and potential obstacles for incoming, early-stage companies.

ReAir: Origins: Stefan Seltz Axmacher of Starksy Robotics

*From time to time we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

In this new series, Santosh digs deeper into the stories of the founders, investors, and executives we have on the show.

Our first origin story is that of Stefan Seltz Axmacher from Starsky Robotics. Stefan explains how he identified the market need, and the lessons learned in building a world-class team at Starsky.

Re-Air: Diving Into Operations 4.0 with Ty Findley

*From time to time we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

On this episode, Santosh brings Ty Findley (Vice President at Pritzker Group Venture Capital) onto the show to talk about why industrial/manufacturing companies are slow to tech adoption, and where Ty sees the new wave heading as part of “Operations 4.0.”

Origins: Barry Large of Access America

And this episode of the future of supply chain podcast, Santosh talks with Barry Large, supply chain industry investor, founder, and co-founder of Access America. They discuss the origins of Access America, investing in the supply chain industry, supporting industry founders as their businesses grow and scale, and the future of automation in the industry.

Re-Air: Providing On-Demand Truckload Shipping with Ricardo Salgado

*From time to time we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

On this episode, Santosh talks with Ricardo Salgado (Founder & CEO of Loadsmart) about re-architecting the truckload lifecycle with technology, and how Loadsmart has improved the shipping experience for their customers.

#28: Industry Disruption and Process Automation with Justin Hall

In our latest episode of Future of Supply Chain, Santosh sat down with Afton Capital’s Justin Hall, an industry-leading visionary, growth fanatic, five-time founder, and supply chain logistics guru. Justin and Santosh talk about Justin’s entry into the industry, tech integrations for supply chain businesses, and often-overlooked ways founders can increase their businesses’ bottom line.

Origins: Guillermo Garcia of SmartHop

In each “Origins” episode, our host, Santosh, interviews industry leaders in the supply chain world, including founders, investors, and executives.

Today’s episode features Guillermo Garcia of SmartHop, a web-based service that matches truckers with the load board and brokers that need their services. Guillermo talked with us about the company’s origins, how he got started in the supply chain business, and what truckers and businesses should focus on for success in the supply chain industry.

Origins: Dan Johnston of WorkStep

In our series of “Origins” episodes, Santosh sits down with executives, founders, and investors of industry-leading supply chain businesses.

On today’s episode, our guest is Dan Johnston of WorkStep. Dan dug deep into his early experience as a founder in the education space and how that translated into the supply chain industry; how he keeps his team passionate about WorkStep’s mission; and the one thing founders in the supply chain business need for success.

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